It is already January 20th!  It is said that 40% of people ditch their resolutions by January 17th and 80% by mid-February.  Have you already given up on yours?  Did you just not make any this year for fear of failure, again?  Here are a few tips to help you get back on track or maybe to begin:

Don’t start on a particular day/date

You know how it goes, “I’ll start on Monday,” or The first is next week, I’ll start then.”  Don’t wait until a specific day or date to start working toward your goals. Start today!  It’s too easy to keep putting off a goal until the next week, month, year, or even decade.  Once you decide what you want, start immediately before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve actually been eating a hamburger and fries while talking about eating healthier.  I laugh at myself and think “here I am eating junk food while talking to my companion about the importance of healthy eating.”  That’s a tad hypocritical.  That’s when I decide right then that I will begin at the very next meal.  If that meal is breakfast – great! If it’s dinner – that’s good too.  I just have to get started. 

Give yourself some grace

One of the biggest challenges in keeping resolutions is what to do once we fail.  I know I have had the mindset that once I messed up, I may as well just quit.  I can’t do it.  I ate that donut (or three) for breakfast at the office, or I bought an expensive coffee drink when I’m trying to save money for a house.  I guess I’ll never lose weight or move out of my apartment.  Whoa Nelly!  Since when did three donuts or a coffee drink determine your entire future?  Give yourself a break.  We all make mistakes, we all fail, it’s how we proceed afterwards that determines the outcome.  Okay, so you ate the donuts, no biggie.  At lunch maybe go for a big veggie salad instead of the grilled chicken sandwich and baked sweet potato fries.  The important thing is to start back immediately on your journey. Just remember on every road trip you are bound to go over some pot holes.    

Ask for help

One of the hardest thing for people to do is ask for help.  No matter what goal you are trying to accomplish, it’s always easier (and usually more fun) to get there with help.  The internet is a wonderful thing with groups, chat rooms, blogs, vlogs, and websites that enable you to meet other people going for the same thing you are.  Accountability is paramount in success.  Friends and family want to see you success, ask for their support.  Talk to them about your resolution and what you need from them to make it work.  If they are not ready to help and be supportive, perhaps distancing yourself from them for a while until you are seeing results and finding other means of accountability.  

Starting resolutions always seem so easy in our minds; it’s keeping them that can be difficult.  Just remember to take it slow and be kind to yourself.  It’s up to you to reach that goal.  Are you up for the challenge?  If so, start now!

I’d love to hear about your successes!

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